Starting entrepreneurs

“I want to start a business but what is the first step?”

  • You have an idea, a passion and you’re thinking about starting your own business.
  • Starting a business is your dream, but you don’t know where to start.
  • You are hesitating to start a business.
  • Your hobby offers real potential and you want to build your own company.
  • The time has come to turn your secondary profession into your main job as a full time entrepreneur.

➜ Then CLBR Consulting’s start-up process is the right way to take the first steps towards entrepreneurship. 

During this process, we examine together & tailor-made, the 7 most important steps towards an independent status. 

“Am I even an entrepreneur?”

For many potential entrepreneurs, the gap between an idea and setting up their business is big because the information is everywhere and nowhere. 

Many supporting organizations speak from their own comfort zone of knowledge. As a result, you have to find the pieces of the puzzle yourself. 

And be honest now, that takes a lot of time and energy! Not to mention the influence on your self-confidence.

Because of my clear step-by-step plan you know exactly what to do after our “sounding board” moment.