“Looking for new employees takes a lot of time and energy”

“Finding good employees takes a lot of time.”

Until recently, not a day went by that I heard this from my clients. My answer was always: “For me, recruitment is a full-time job, for you as a company, it’s an extra task on your list”. 

From CLBR Consulting I support companies in temporary recruitment assignments. 

What is the added value of this? 

  • As an external Recruiter it is easier to conduct a job interview objectively than as a future colleague. 
  • As a self-employed person I have the opportunity to immerse myself in my client’s culture and to work on a tailor-made basis.
  • After the recruitment of your new colleague, there are no additional obligations to CLBR consulting. 
  • Because of my extensive background in recruitment, I have experience with many sectors and different profiles. 
  • Easy to plan for temporary assignments as a result of: maternity leave, parental leave, long-term illness, … 

From CLBR Consulting I would like to be an added value for your company. This means that you will not only get a temporary Recruiter but also a new ambassador for your company!