How to start with employees in Belgium

In Belgium starting with employees is like climbing Mount Everest. 

If you do this unprepared, your chances of success are slim. Even though we speak of Europe as an uniform way to start start business, the difference in starting administration cannot be bigger with our neighbouring countries! 

  • How do you start?
  • Which partners should I work with?
  • When do I get those records in order?
  • What are these different services again?  

If you recognize the above thoughts, you’re not alone! Starting with employees in Belgium brings extra work. But… once the climb has started, and everything is well prepared, it goes by itself. 

From CLBR Consulting I support starting employers in Belgium. Based on my experience, I make a tailor-made project. What’s the great thing about such a project? Well, as an entrepreneur you can focus on your core business while I prepare your starting blocks. Isn’t that Wonderful!?